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My name is Jeff Lovell and I’m here to help.

I help

Become a leader worth following

Every leader needs a coach to reach their highest potential. Leader Lab will help you discover and overcome roadblocks in your leadership to become a leader people want to follow.

Transform your team culture and communication

Improve performance, increase engagement and reduce drama by helping every team member bring out their best.

Solving Your Leadership Problems

Do these challenges sound familiar?

How do I get the most out of the people on my team?

Where should we focus our efforts?

Why doesn’t everyone see the vision?

How do we create a great culture?

How do we reduce drama and turnover?

Where can I be real about the things I’m facing as a leader?

Leader Lab Promises

Here’s what you can expect:

Better Leaders

Healthier Culture

Improved Performance

Multiplying Leaders

Trusted Coaching Process

Leadership Language

We give you an objective, common, viral way to get everyone speaking the same language.

Visual Tools

Our simple, practical, scalable visual tools create clarity across teams.

Personal & Team Transformation

A proven intentional process to  increase leader health & team performance.

Intentional Multiplication

Coaching, teaching, and training leaders to multiply health and performance in others. You multiply what you are.

About Jeff Lovell

Jeff Lovell is passionate about helping organizations, teams and leaders bring their best. He coaches church planters, pastors, leaders and teams in Wisconsin with a vision to help business leaders, churches & communities thrive. He has been a leader in ministry and community organizations for 20+ years, and currently serves as the Lead Pastor at Ezra Church, which he planted in Stoughton, WI. When he’s not helping leaders grow, you’ll likely find him drinking coffee or cheering on his daughters at a cross country or swim meet.

Coaching Resources

GiANT Platform

Leadership Development for everyone.

Free 5 Voices Team Bootcamp

Take the first step toward a higher-performing team and healthy culture with a free team bootcamp.

5 Voices Assessment

The 5 Voices assessment is free and in 15 minutes will give you valuable insight into your voice order, including the highlights of your primary voice.


Get in touch today and let me know how I can help unlock the potential in your leadership and your team.