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Healthy leadership doesn’t happen by accident. What if you had someone alongside you to help you and your team become the best version possible? What if you could identify the tendencies that are getting in your way and begin to intentionally build trust, influence, culture and productivity?

Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • How do I get the most out of the people on my team?
  • Where should we focus our efforts?
  • Why doesn’t everyone see the vision?
  • How do we create a great culture?
  • How do we reduce drama & turnover?
  • Where can I be real about the things I’m facing as a leader?

Leader Lab Promises

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Better Leaders

  • Healthier Culture

  • Improved Performance

  • Multiplying DNA

  • Trusted Coaching Process

  • Personalized Approach


I’ve helped leaders and teams unlock their potential, transform their health, and become more productive with these common approaches:


Every leader needs a coach. You can overcome the obstacles and excuses in the way of your goals and dreams.



You’re not looking for another one-size fits all solution. We’ll assess your current reality and apply transforming tools to reach your goals.


Teams don’t just need more information. They need transformation. Our proven process makes sure everyone gets the right experience at the right time.


Who’s fighting for you? I’ll serve as a trusted member of your team to provide wise and experienced guidance for your leadership development.

Get Started For Free

5 Voices Bootcamp

What if every voice on your team was truly heard and valued. The free 5 Voices Bootcamp gets you started.

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Using our time-tested 5 Voices framework, the Bootcamp will help everyone on your team identify their leadership voice and awaken greater self-awareness to become a healthier leader. The bootcamp invites your team to complete a free online assessment and we can schedule a time for the bootcamp together.

Leader Growth Plan

Take 45 minutes to get clear on your challenges and goals, and begin building a plan to move ahead.

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The Growth Plan is a proven process that we have taken hundreds of our clients through. It is about a 45-minute conversation that helps you identify the current opportunities available to you, and then create an action plan in order to take advantage of those opportunities, and create the change you want to make in your life and for your team. This is complimentary… my way of being for you to help you find clarity moving forward. Access

On-demand leadership content: masterclasses, training pathways, visual tool guides, and more – for free!

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It’s like Netflix for leadership, with tons of helpful binge-worthy content from GiANT leadership experts. 

About Jeff Lovell

Jeff Lovell is passionate about helping organizations, teams and leaders bring their best. He coaches leaders and teams with a vision to help them thrive and a unique ability to see possibilities in people. He has been an effective and healthy leader for 20+ years, serving as a certified GiANT Guide since 2018. When he’s not helping leaders grow, you’ll likely find him drinking coffee, hiking in the woods, or cheering on his daughters at a swim meet.

I’m invested in helping you succeed.

I’m certified in the tools, processes, and coaching that can unlock your leadership and team.

I’m For You!

Get in touch today and let me know how I can help unlock the potential in your leadership and your team.